Vladimir Nabokov

Mrs. Dalloway

Virginia Woolf


Woolf is considered a major innovator in the English language. In her works she experimented with stream-of-consciousness and the underlying psychological as well as emotional motives of characters. Her peculiarities as a fiction writer have tended to obscure her central strength: Woolf is arguably the major lyrical novelist in the English language. Her novels are highly experimental: a narrative, frequently uneventful

and commonplace, is refracted —and sometimes almost dissolved— in the characters' receptive consciousness. Intense lyricism and stylistic virtuosity fuse to create a world overabundant with auditory and visual impressions. Woolf has often been credited with stream of consciousness writing alongside her modernist contemporaries like James Joyce and Joseph Conrad.



Every sentence is
a polygon.

Number of sides

Complexity of the sentence.


Length of sentence.

Saturation - VIEW

% of adjectives in each phrase.


Noise - VIEW

Number of verbs (action) per sentence.

Rotation - SORT

Reading complexity.

Distance - READ

Type of word: verb (1), noun (2), adjective (3), other (4).

Position around the circles - READ

Order inside the sentence.